Ad Phyllidem (n.d.)

Another short love poem (see also d2_MaiT_013). Metre: elegiac couplets.

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Ad Phyllidem

Saepè mei cupido te incensam ostendis amore, 1
designans mira tempus et arte locum.
Non tamen ipsa venis, fallax dum labitur hora. 2
Improba segnities! Haec mora, non amor est.

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To Phyllis

Often you promise yourself to me, aflame with passionate desire, assigning a time and place with wonderful cunning. Yet you do not come when the deceitful hour itself falls. Shameless sloth! This delaying is not love.



1: 'incensus...amore': Catullus, Carmina LXIV.19, 253

2: 'fallax...hora': Appendix Vergiliana, Catalepton III.10