Feature Articles

As we continue the process of translating and editing our poets, we will be offering up short 'feature' articles focusing on new issues, evidence and research questions that emerge from the text itself and from our broader research into Latin culture in Jacobean Scotland. These papers should be treated as work in progress and make use of the latest drafts of translations by the project team, and we welcome any and all thoughts on these via the 'enquiries' page. However, these can also be cited in the same way as any normal academic article using the 'cite' button at the top of each text, which provides a link to a stable URL for each feature, and the 'print' button next to it can be used to render each text in a printer-friendly plain format. It is hoped that these 'features' will generate more debate and discussion about the material that we are exploring, and showcase the kinds of issues and ideas that the team are grappling with as part of our daily work.

Latest feature article:

June 2015 – The universe of Adam King part 2: the humanist