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 4th March 2015 

Another poet released as part of the electronic critical edition of the Delitiae

The project reaches a milestone today with the launch of a beta version of the critical edition of the poetry of Robert Ayton, which is now available here. Ayton and the three other poets currently available - Andrew Melville, Hercules Rollock, and James Halkerston - together comprise 170 pages of the 365 selected for the project, so almost half the material being translated is now accessible online. Excluding Melville, Ayton is also arguably the most well-known poet in the corpus selected for the project, and the only one to leave an extensive corpus of poetic material in English and Scots as well, so he should be of immense value to anyone wishing to do a comparative case-study of Scots-English and Latin poetics. As always, please do let us know about any errors, mistakes or omissions via the enquiries page.


Delitiae Poetarum Scotorum: open volume
Delitiae Poetarum Scotorum:
open volume