Ad Regem Iacobum (c.1606?)

This poem should perhaps be read in conjunction with d1_AytR_008 and d1_AytR_009, and possibly dated to c.1606. Gullans has suggested a similar dating (Ayton, p. 20). Metre: elegiac couplets.

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Ad Regem Iacobum

Carmina quae scripsi, laudasti maxime Princeps;
et fuerant genio non male grata tuo.
Sed laus eripuit mercedem maxime princeps,
heu mihi sunt genio quam male grata meo!

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To King James

You praised, greatest prince, the poems that I wrote; and they had been not displeasing to your taste. Yet, greatest prince, praise deprives me of a wage - alas I now think that they are very displeasing to my taste!