Research Articles

Over the course of the project, the core research team, along with a range of colleagues and collaborators, produced short research articles focusing on new issues that emerged from the process of editing and translating the DPS and from our broader research into Latin culture in Jacobean Scotland. These articles can be cited in the same way as any normal academic article using the 'cite' button at the top of each text, which provides a link to a stable URL for each, and the 'print' button next to it can be used to render each text in a printer-friendly plain format. Many of these articles, which are often speculative and experimental by nature as work-in-progress, showcase the kinds of issues and ideas that the team grappled with as part of our daily work. In addition to enhancing users’ experience of the electronic resource by providing extra context and analysis, it is hoped that, like the resource itself, they will also stimulate new debate and discussion about the nature of Scottish Neo-Latin.

Sample research article:

June 2015 – The universe of Adam King part 2: the humanist