De eodem Tetrastichon (c.1592)

See introduction to d1_CraT_005. Metre: elegiac couplets.

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De eodem Tetrastichon

Ut tibi credamus quae scribis visa, fidemque
Romanae o fidicen ut mereare lyrae:
non fuit ille bibax docuit qui carmina Nymphas
rupibus in summis, noster Iacchus erat. 1

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A stanza on the same man

May we believe that you saw those things about which you write, and may you deserve, o strummer of the Roman lyre, our trust. For that person who taught poetry to the nymphs in our high mountains was not a drunken Bacchus, a he was our Jackus!



1: 'bibax...Iacchus' is a play on Jack's name and an alternative name for Bacchus, 'Iacchus', who is here metonymy for wine and drink. The adjective 'bibax' ('drinker') alludes to an aspect of Bacchus' character.


a: See note to Latin text.