In Pythagorem (n.d.)

See introduction to d2_MaiT_029. Pythagoras (c.580BC-500BC) was a Greek philosopher and one of the founding fathers of mathematics. Metre: elegiac couplets.

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In Pythagorem

Aυτος εφα fuit Ausonii vox trita Solonis;
hoc de Pythagora dicimus, ουδεν εφα.

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On Pythagoras

Pythagoras himself said that the sayings of any Latin Solon a were banal; I will say this about Pythagoras: he said nothing!



a: I.e, a Latin-speaking, Italian philosopher. For this use of Solon, one of the original seven wise men of antiquity, as a philosophical archetype see: Persius, Satires III.79.