Strena cal. Ian. Ad T. Traversaeum (c.1579-80)

See introduction to d2_RolH_008. Metre: elegiac couplets.

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Strena calen. Ian. ad T. Traversaeum

Tergeminos cape tu, bifronti commoda Iano
munera, vertuntur qui sibi, versiculos.
Imbiberat Deus hic venturis nectere saeclis
pristina, et aspectu se regere ancipiti:
posteritas sibi te vultu sic duplice sculpet,
tempora qui nectis tam bene temporibus.

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A new years gift for Thomas Travers

Seize your due rewards from two-faced Janus, a trio of verselets, you who are turned in on yourself. This god determined to bind what was past to the ages to come, and to rule them with his two-headed countenance: posterity will fashion for you such a double visage, you who binds one face so well to another.