Xenium ad primarium Puygaraei collegii moderatorem (c.1576-1579)

See introduction to d2_RolH_016. Metre: hexameter.

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Xenium ad primarium Puygaraei collegii moderatorem

1A ccipe, Pieridu M D ecus et dilecte Tonanti S
D ona, nec invito V V ltu, nec mente molest A,
E gregiis quamvi S M eritis non aequa: meo su B
M unere multus A M or, multa est pietatis imag O,
5E t facili tibi NECTI T A MORIS vincula vers V
R ustica Musa alias: nec I N iquo gurgite volvo R
I ngenii, quamvis o B S curum texere Phœb I
C onor opus, tanti est tr I V ium tibi fundere carme N.
V tque levi hoc carme N R etulit mihi candida laps V
10M usa, mihi exopt O I ungat te semper amicu M

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A present to the chief moderator of the college of Poitiers

Accept, beloved man, the honour of the Muses and the gifts of Jupiter, neither with a reluctant countenance nor with a troubled mind, although they are not equal to your exceptional merits: great love lies beneath my reward, great is the example of your piety, and upon your courteous verse the Rustic Muse binds chains of love: nor am I consumed by the unfair abyss of inborn character, although I attempt to weave an obscure work for Phoebus, of such a kind as is the crossed poem poured out by you. And with a light flow the snow-white Muse gave back to me this poem, through which I hope greatly to join you to me as a friend, always.