Epitaphium cujusdam matronae (n.d.)

There are no details on the subject of this epitaph, or date. Metre: iambic trimeter.

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Epitaphium cujusdam matronae

Caeli Uranoscopus, 1 chelys domestica,
columba conjugis, palumbes prolium,
flos foeminarum condita hoc cippo jacet.

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The epitaph of a certain married woman

A sea-fish of heaven, household tortoise, dove to her husband, wood-pigeon to her children, and flower of women lies hidden by this tombstone.



1: A fish whose upward-looking eye position was noted by Pliny, Natual History XXXII.69; 146. 'Caeli' here is surely pleonastic, as the Greek name 'uranoscopus' literally means 'heaven watcher'.