In Christianorum carnificem (n.d.)

The theme of Christian martyrs and the expected divine punishment of their oppressors suggests that this was possibly written in relation to the St Bartholomew's day massacres (22-24 August 1572). In terms of content, it certainly fits with Rollock's other poems relating to the religious wars in France (d2_RolH_011, d2_RolH_012, d2_RolH_015, d2_RolH_022, and d2_RolH_034). Metre: elegiac couplets.

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In Christianorum carnificem

Contempsisse putas crudelia funera Divos,
quod tibi non feriant fulmina prompta caput?
Nempe, stupent Superi, seque instruit ira Tonantis:
pœna Iovis largo fœnore tarda venit.

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On the slaughter of Christians

Do you think that the Gods despised bloody funerals, because lightning bolts don't visibly rain down upon your head? Without doubt, those above are outraged, and the wrath of the Thunderer prepares itself: the slow penalty of Jove comes with high interest.