Project Staff

Principal Investigator - Dr Steven Reid
Lead Researcher - Dr David McOmish
Additional translations provided by - Joel Leslie, Charles Mitchell
Project Assistants - Dr Ralph Maclean, Mr Paul Goatman, Dr William Hepburn, Mr Brian Brennan
Honorary Fellow - Dr Jamie Reid-Baxter

Systems Developer - Graeme Cannon
Administrative Support - Elaine Wilson and Isabel Jones

Academic Advisory Group

Professor Alexander Broadie, University of Glasgow
Professor Robert Crawford, University of St Andrews
Professor Roger Green, University of Glasgow
Professor Estelle Sheehan, Queen's University Belfast
Professor Alasdair MacDonald, University of Groningen
Professor Gesine Manuwald, University College London
Professor Roger Mason, University of St Andrews
Dr Peter G. Maxwell Stuart, University of St Andrews
Professor Dana Sutton, The Philological Museum, University of Birmingham